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Aperitivo al Lab a Torino in Piazza Vittorio Veneto 13


In the early 2000s the aperitivo in Turin originally consisted of a few trays of sandwiches, pizzas, olives, vegetables and occasionally a fresh pasta dish served hot or cold depending on the season. Over the years it has evolved a lot and now there are various dishes to choose from, for example there are sections of mixed appetizers, pastas, side dishes, vegetable dishes and desserts. In addition, there is much more attention devoted to vegetarian, vegan and gluten-intolerant people, and now the aperitivo is not only italian based food but it also includes food from around the world. All this without forgetting the quality of the ingredients, the finished product and the characteristics of the buffet exhibition. Lab pays careful attention to requests from customers for any kind of event. Offering different solutions to suit every application. Have no fear to enquire for a quote or information for your party !!!!!!

Cocktail bar Lab in Turin Vittorio Veneto square 13


Lab is short for laboratory and from the beginning the place has been a credit to his name. We have been at the forefront in mixing techniques and experiencing new trends from all over the world. Spices, vegetables, bitters, fresh fruit, dried, powdered and concentrated pulp are all used for cocktails both as ingredients and as decoration. From 19 to 22 you have a large choice of pre-dinner drinks to choose from that will accompany our rich buffet of the aperitif. After your aperitivo why not try our extensive wines, spirits and cocktail list. We also have a high selection of premium spirits from around the world. Each barender is highly skilled and is able not only to create classic cocktails but also create a cocktail on the spot for your desire, so don't hesitate to ask them for any drink you wish to be created.

Di giorno al Lab - Listino e orari


From 15pm: coffee shop with milkshakes, soft drinks, smoothies and snacks
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Organizza il tuo evento alla Zenith Room al Lab


Hosts DJ sets, live concerts, private party booking of birthdays, graduation...
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Happy Hour al LAB in piazza Vittorio 13 - Torino


From 22.00 / 23.30
2 same cocktails x 8 €, 2 medium beers x 6 €
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L'aperitivo al LAB in piazza Vittorio 13 - Torino


Our delicious and exciting aperitivo: ethnic, vegetarian, vegan, often themed
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